Benefits of Ridesharing

Problems encountered in public transportation can be easily solved through ridesharing. It involves passengers sharing vehicles in an aim of reducing congestion, vehicle trips, and emissions from the automobile. It’s more convenient and cost effective.

Below are top benefits of sharing vehicles among passengers.

Conservation of non-renewable sources of energy

hds7sdhj44Currently, the highest percentage of oil is used in sectors of transport. Passenger vehicles, as well as light trucks, consume roughly less than forty percent. Purchasing vehicles with more fuel efficiency and economy is embraced over higher mileage vehicles. In fact, people sharing vehicles for about 45 weeks per year would save more than 502 gallons of fuel. This can be a great improvement in the economy.

Save on time

People who travel on their personal vehicles for a long distance find themselves fighting with heavy traffic congestion. A passenger who boards public transport facility or carpool increases the lifespan of his or her preserved cars. Due to reduced traffic, carpooling saves on time.

For instance, instead of driving your children to school, which is more time consuming, use carpooling which will add an extra time in your schedule. In fact, many states have set aside carpool lanes on highways. This saves on time because these lanes aren’t busy. You can conquer the traffic and arrive at work in normal time through carpooling.

Environmental conservation

Long time exposure to an elevated concentration of atmospheric carbon monoxide is dangerous to human. Especially people with heart diseases, carbon monoxide, hinder the flow of oxygen to the blood streams. Greenhouse gas emission contributes to global warming. Poor air quality and pollution are highly contributed by light truck and automobile. This is through emission of hydrocarbon.

When hydrocarbons emitted, react with nitrogen oxides it destroys the ozone layer. This increases the intensity of sunlight reaching the ground thus elevating temperatures. Carpooling reduces the number of vehicles available on roads. This significantly reduces the pollution of air caused by vehicles.

Carpooling saves your money

Reduced maintenance costs of your vehicle will preserve money. For carpooling, you will drive less which saves money. Less fuel is used. In fact, some insurance companies offer shared vehicles with an aim of reducing auto insurance rates. For instance, a driver who travels about 15000 miles per year incurs more expenses.


Expenses such as taxes, insurance, maintenance, license and vehicle depreciation are saved when one use carpooling. Splitting the cost of gas between the passengers saves a lot of money. Check out to learn more.

The above are some of the benefits you can enjoy through ridesharing. Remember time is precious. Don’t waste time on road traffic. Let’s also join hands to reduce global warming and conserve our environment.