Why You Should Teach English In China


The interest for English teachers is lopsidedly high in this nation. Your odds of getting your fantasy employment are significantly high and notwithstanding this, there is 100% guarantee that your paycheck will be heftier compared to the offers you receive in other countries. This turns out to be the best experience of your life. It is still advisable to approach the entire concept with some common sense.

What you need

College degree

gdghd4To teach English, you need to have a college degree. Which field the degree is in does not matter as long as you are also a native English speaker, and this is one of the most important factors that make the prospect appealing. Also, keep in mind that any degrees that are related to language, you will have a better opportunity of getting your dream job. From a technical point of view, though, your particular field of study does not have any impact on whether or not you receive the position.


Another advantage that might speed up your possibility of getting an opportunity to teach English in China is the ESL certification. However, it is important to note that this is not a requirement. If you have never taught English before, it is recommended that you get this certification to get some teaching training. The effort to do the ESL certification is worthwhile as the benefits you will receive wonderfully.

For starters, your remuneration package is going to be higher than what you would make in most other countries, and you get to experience a different culture. This widens your thinking and ensures you learn in the process too.

Find suitable positions

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous opportunities for you to choose from and as such, you need to evaluate each in order to make a decision. In most cases, English in China is taught in private schools, which are popularly known as Hogans. Though students are taught English from a young age, it is also a requirement that children join after school programs hosted by teachers who are native speakers. You will have the choice of which level of students you wants to teach from beginners, intermediate or advanced. Alternatively, you can also choose to teach adults instead of children.


Contribute to the economy growth in China

If you teach in China, you also get the opportunity to ensure you contribute to the growth of the economy. This is because the Chinese have begun to appreciate the importance of learning English for the purpose of carrying out business on an international scope and be able to communicate in an efficient manner. It is for all these reasons and more that you need to teach in China.