French Restaurant Dining Etiquette


If you are planning to visit a French restaurant, then it will be helpful to learn some of the basics of dining. French dining at is very cultured, and it is different from dining in other parts of the world. Apart from dining in French, there are different French restaurants in other parts of the world.

The dining might not be as strict as they do in French but you should still learn some basics to help you know the proper dining mannerism. When you go to a French restaurant, you will realize that they are very professional in the way they serve their meals.

Restaurant dining in France

Meal hours matter

In other restaurants, it is possible to go towewqeqewq the restaurant for late lunch in the evening and still get food ready. This is different with French dining; their dining is so organized even when it comes to the eating hours. In major French cities like Paris, lunch is served strictly between 12 noon and latest 2 pm.

If you go to the major French restaurant you won’t be served after the meal hours because the kitchen would be closed for preparation for the next meal. Dinner in a French restaurant is served from 8 p.m., so you need to take note of the meal hours.

Table manners

Table manners is an important aspect of the French dining culture. In France, your hands are supposed to be on the table when eating without showing the elbows. Avoid showing your elbows or placing your hands on the laps when dining with the French.

French use cutlery to eat and bread is a staple food that comes with most of their meals. Do not be surprised when you see bread placed on the table cloth as opposed to the plate.

Waiter attentionsedfsdfsfd

To get the attention of the waiter, you need to call them politely because the French waiters are professionals and need to be addressed as such. Avoid any rude language when asking for services from the French waiters.

Once you are done with the meal, you can place the knife and fork in the middle of the plate to show that you are done with your meal. Tipping is not always a must in France because the bill comes with a service charge at the bottom and it is part of the total tax of the food.