Thrustmaster Wheel Xbox One Racing Pro Review


Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel leather edition is the most common Thrustmaster racing wheel. This edition is not a new product in the market. . However, it’s an edition from Thrustmaster which is highly rated.

General information

Thrustmaster Wheel Xbox One

plkmvxzqThis edition is made of three components which are;

  • TX Servo Base,
  • T3PA Wide Pedal Set
  • 28GT Leather Rim

The above products have a combined rating of over 4.5 stars. This is the complete bundle of the Thrustmaster and below is a review of the racing wheel.

TX Servo Base Specs

This product has a 270 to 900 degrees of rotation and is compatible with Xbox One, PC and the Thrustmaster eco-system. The wheel has a force feedback, vibration, and heart technology, upgradeable firmware, i.e., via PC compatibility, a guide button, clamp table and finally pre-threaded holes which aid in the mounting of all the key cockpits.

T3PA Wide Pedal Set Specs

This one comes along with three pedals i.e. the gas pedal, brake pedal and the clutch pedal. Also has metal face plates, conical brake modules that aid in simulating the brake pressure and adjustable faceplates which are both vertical and horizontal. The pedal is compatible with both Xbox One and PC. This pedal is XRP rated 4.0.

28GT Leather Rim Specs

This rim has an internal steel hoop, whose design aids in the delivery of force feedback and vibration, also with it are six action buttons, three-way tact switch, multi- directional d-pads and also with the rim are two brushed metal paddle shifters that aid in the moving of the rim. This rim is compatible with both the Xbox one and the PC.

Thrustmaster Multiple Compatibility

The producers of the Thrustmaster add value to the racing wheel by making it more dynamically compatible with different systems. Thrustmaster is made in such a way to work for both Xbox One and PC together with all racing games that are compatible with gaming steering wheels.


  • Has a 3 Pedal Set
  • Strong for quiet force feedback
  • Made to last for a long time
  • The rims are made to make you feel great in your hands
  • Cheap and makes you save money when purchasing the wheel


  • kkjjbbbvThe pedals of this racing wheel can be inverted
  • Most of the racing wheels pedals are made of plastic

In comparison to other racing wheels like for example, the Logitech G920 the Leather edition is way more preferable due to its various upgrade options.