Things To Do Before

Looking radiant and fresh on your day is essential. Being prepared is the key to attaining a hassle free event.The couple themselves should be involved in the entire process of wedding planning, despite them having people to lend hands and a wedding planner. Here are tips before the big day.

Make A Timetabledjdjjfjjfjf

It is important to be aware of the progress even if you have hired a wedding coordinator   to  everything for you to avoid setbacks on your big day. Prioritize vital items like the venue, documents, groom and bride and the entourage attire. Ask the planner to forward you the progress report daily so as to stick to the schedule.

Gather Your Suppliers

It is best to bring all your vendors together in one conference group as with many things to do you might forget individual meetings. Bringing them together and talking is like brainstorm where they will contribute their ideas and give suggestions. This will make the event be more polished and synchronized.

Delegate tasks

Bride maids are there to assist, they can help with simple tasks like helping with the guest list, food sampling, escorting the Bride to fitting and managing the souvenirs.

Do Simultaneous fitting

To maximize time and output do a group fitting with your entire entourage. Doing together helps in bonding for people who do not know each other. After selection instruct the dresses to be brought a day before the wedding day for final adjustments and testing.

Do A Trail hair nad make up

Ask you the stylist and your girls to schedule a day to try on various looks to ensure a fabulous look on the day. Choose one style which complements your dress and opt to look natural.

Book Individual Dressing Rooms

Book the dressing rooms before the wedding to avoid much stress and anxiety with a lot of people scampering around.

Prepare Your Essentials

Arrange the things you need and your belongings so have fewer things to do on your nuptial. To avoid scramble and panic while getting dressed on the wedding day, put the things you need in one place or bag prior.

Get Rid Of Your Gadgets

Check all your emails and anything on your phone before walking to the aisle. Checking them minutes before you walk down can bring you heads and stomach upset. Be relaxed as much a possible by getting a foot massage or listening to smooth music to calm you down. Finally, have much fun as possible it is your day.